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New from school year 2022/2023: Phorms Primary School Frankfurt on the campus of Strothoff International School in Dreieich (under approval). Particularly relevant for families seeking an international educational experience; school fees are income-based. Spots are still available. Register your child now for first grade or pre-school (minimum age of 5 years).

The primary school for little world discoverers!

Strothoff International School is an international school in Dreieich. At this state-recognised private school, students learn to understand the world: in its cultural and linguistic diversity, in its local characteristics and global contexts. We appreciate the differences in every child and encourage individual talents and interests so that our students remain self-confident and curious. We are a community: we learn together and with mutual respect. We are an all day school and entry is possible from the age of 5 with our pre-school (reception).

pre-school spots (from 5 years) are available

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This is what your child gets at our primary school:

Bilingual education

Bilingual education

The children learn German and English from the very beginning. In this way, our students learn to use both languages in a very natural way. At the same time, they develop an understanding for other ways of life and different values.
Project-based learning

Project-based learning

Our students’ learning behaviour is closely observed and thus optimally supported. Due to the additional time gained in the context of our all-day supervision, we can work with the students more intensively and in a more targeted way than usual. In this way, they learn better to trust their own abilities and competencies and develop respect for the strengths and weaknesses of others, allowing them and others to do and be their best.
Dedicated educators

Dedicated educators

Our teachers are enthusiastic and come from all over the world. They enjoy being part of a team, are open to innovation and very caring towards students and parents. Their dedication ensures that children enjoy going to school.
All-day community

All-day community

We use the whole day and work closely together in a spirit of trust. Our school community is a safe space for our students to share, assert and prove themselves.

Living locally - thinking globally

We help our students to explore their neighbourhood and give them an understanding and feeling for their local environment. At the same time, we look beyond the national horizon. In this way, our students learn to feel at home in the globalised world without forgetting their roots.
Living diversity

Living diversity

This includes the coexistence of different cultural, religious, and social backgrounds. The consequence of this environment is that Phorms students respect the opinions of others and show consideration towards them.

We focus on the well-being of your child

Great facilities, family atmosphere and competent service

Your child is worth it!

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Fluent in German and English from preschool or grade 1 onwards

Learning English made easy with the immersion method

Everyday life in one of our bilingual primary schools is not a challenge. Even children without knowledge of a second language can easily follow the lessons, thanks to the immersion method. Immersion means that the students learn and experience both languages throughout the day.

They thus learn the new language as naturally as their mother tongue – without any pressure or being overwhelmed by too many vocabularies. The immersive method places a lot of emphasis on facial expressions and gestures. In this way, the children learn what is said from the context and gradually incorporate the new language into their everyday speech.

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Tuesday, 14th June 2022 from 5.30 pm to 7 pm


Explanation of the immersion method

Deep-dive into language
The children hear, speak, and learn the language in authentic everyday contexts and experience it in their familiar environment. They are supervised throughout the day by both qualified German and English-speaking educators.
Playful learning
Authentic learning of the language, just as a mother tongue is learned – without pressure and without vocabulary tests. Much of the knowledge is conveyed through facial expressions and gestures as well as through pictures and symbols, and the children learn what is said from the context.
Lunch together
Having lunch together is just one example of how bilingualism is practised in our primary school: Here, the students exchange ideas with each other and with the teachers in both German and English.
Communication strategies
Our teachers use a variety of communication strategies to help the children feel comfortable and understood.

Advantages of this method

Better understanding of other cultures
Early access to multilingualism as well as an environment shaped by children and teachers from different nations lead to greater awareness and understanding of other cultures, their ways of life and values.
Increased ability to concentrate
Bilingual learning enhances the children’s ability to concentrate and improves their multi-tasking skills. It will be easier for them to switch between different tasks. In general, these children gain easier access to other languages in adulthood.

Multiple future opportunities and career prospects
The immersion programme offers students cognitive, social, and professional advantages: They can use the skills they have been taught to find their way in a globalised world. It helps them be able to act and integrate competently in the world community. Being able to integrate and act with self-confidence form the best prerequisites for versatile and promising perspectives in life – in a professional or private context.
Language acquisition without performance pressure
The immersion method ensures that learning the second foreign language happens casually and without pressure to perform. The method is child-friendly, as the children immerse themselves in the new language by means of facial expressions and gestures and simply absorb it. Thus, with the immersion method, a higher level of the foreign language can be achieved compared to conventional foreign language teaching.

Everyday school life at a glance

Active learning in projects and enthusiastic teachers


Don't miss our info days!

Upcoming info days at our school:

Tuesday, 14th June 2022 from 5.30 pm to 7 pm

At our primary school, your child will be cared for in an all-day community.

→ Classes from MondaytoThursdaybetween 8:40 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. and on Fridaysbetween 8:40 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
→ Additional childcare options from 7:30 a.m. and until 6:00 p.m

The children receive additional lessons beyond the framework curriculum to further promote bilingualism. For example, per week:

5 lessons of mathematics
5 lessons of German
5 lessons of English
3 lessons of Inquiry Based Learning
1 Assembly
1 lesson in the library

What is project-based learning?

We encourage your child to find solutions independently!

Only a few spots are available!

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Teacher and students

Our foundation of values

Creativity – Sustainability – Leadership

Our vision for your child
We support children in becoming responsible global citizens who can create solutions for a sustainable future.

Strothoff International School is characterised by an innovative teaching and learning culture. Our aim is that our students develop a high level of resourcefulness. This enables them to meet the challenges of today and contribute independently to finding solutions.

Sustainability is a topic that will become even more important in the future. We want to encourage our students to think and engage as responsible global citizens on a local, European, and international level.

We teach students to act with self-confidence and at the same time to treat their fellow human beings with respect and responsibility. In terms of future leadership skills, these qualities are indispensable.

Exciting After School Activities complementing the primary school day

We encourage your child’s interests and talents!


We offer a wide range of sports and fun activities, such as football, basketball, gymnastics and much more.

Academic activities

This area includes extracurricular activities that serve education, e.g., school-related tutorials or language clubs.

Science & Technology

These After School Activities deal with all aspects of science and technology and include science Clubs, coding, and e-sports games.

Creative Projects

In these clubs, the focus is on developing new ideas, creating works of art and other forms of cultural creation.

10 good reasons for Strothoff International School

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Income-dependent school fees

Price models between € 99 and € 1045 per month


In order to enable all children to attend our primary school, the school fees are based on the total amount of income of the parents. Here are some examples of our pricing models. The individual fee is calculated in each case when the school contract is signed.


Details about our prices
Total amount of income School fees per month
30.000 € 202
50.000 € 408
75.000 € 518
100.000 € 602

We are not far from Frankfurt centre

Frankfurt Dreieich – 15 minutes to the centre of Frankfurt


Strothoff International School
Rhein-Main Campus Dreieich
Frankfurter Straße 160-166
63303 Dreieich

Highest quality education

We are internationally certified

You can find out details at our info day

Parents’ opinions about Strothoff International School

We are pleased about the positive feedback!

Bettina Siegel

“Through our family background and our work, we want our children to be educated and prepared for the future in an international environment without forgetting their German roots. At SIS, all this is given. The international school community and the commitment and open-mindedness of the teachers is fantastic – the children love going to school here. We were also impressed by the switch to online learning during the Covid 19 crisis. The school was well prepared for this, and the online teaching was equally productive.”

Michaela Löw-Schunk

“Our son has been at SIS for 11 years and is now in MYP3 (grade 8). We are very proud of his English language skills and what he has achieved – his value-oriented and open-minded behaviour, his ability to research, form an opinion and sustain his point of view. He is learning and developing every day and getting prepared for an independent life where he takes responsibility.”

Michaela und Andreas Herdick

“Our daughter loves going to school, and she does it every day with a smile. She has been attending SIS since Kindergarten year 1 and is now in PYP3.
We like that the children at SIS receive individual support, both in areas where they are strong and in areas where they can improve personally. The close interaction between parents and teachers, who are always available for an exchange, is also beneficial.”

Merima Schumann

“No concept has convinced us like the one of SIS! What impressed us from the very beginning was the friendliness of the entire staff at the school. The number of competent teachers at the school is also impressive. No lesson is missed and the teachers’ enthusiasm for teaching the students is omnipresent. The students themselves also bring enthusiasm for learning. After almost 3 years, we are still convinced of our decision and think that our son is in very good hands there.”

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Any questions?

Our FAQ at a glance

My child has little or no knowledge of English. Will Strothoff International School still accept my child?
Yes, thanks to the immersion method, entry into our bilingual primary school is possible without any problems. That applies even to children without knowledge of a second language. Immersion means that the students learn and experience both languages throughout the day.
What are the advantages of linking the Hessian Framework Curriculum with international standards and methods of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation)?
The primary school’s programme is based on the contents of the Hessian Framework Curriculum as well as on the Primary Years Curriculum of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). In this way, the local learning goals as well as the international standards are achieved. The students learn both German and English at a mother-tongue level. It also opens the way for them to obtain German graduation qualifications (MSA, Abitur) and the international IB Diploma qualification. This opens doors for them worldwide.
How many children make up a class?
It is important for us to have a manageable class size so that our teachers can deal with the children individually. As a rule, our classes have between 18 and 20 children, but the size always depends on the respective learning group.
Are there childcare options before and after school hours?
Yes, we offer early care from 7:30 am and afternoon care between 4 and 6 p.m.
Who is Phorms Education?
Phorms Education is an educational network with currently 15 locations across Germany. The kindergartens and schools are designed to enrich the educational landscape through bilingual and high-quality education. The public schools are run by local societies that operate on a non-profit basis. They are approved as independent substitute schools because they replace attendance at a corresponding state school. They are subject to state supervision, follow the framework curricula of the respective Bundesländer and prepare students for qualifications such as the Mittlerer Schulabschluss and the Abitur.
How does Strothoff International School fit within the Phorms Education Group?
Strothoff International School is a private all-day school offering the International Baccalaureate Programme from Kindergarten to G12 and is the only school in the region to provide the full International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum. In 2022, Phorms Education group hopes to finalise the acquisition of Strothoff International School, which was founded in 2009 by Hans Strothoff.

Strothoff International School is a natural fit for the Phorms Education Group, said Björn Walden, Regionalleiter Rhein-Main-Neckar Phorms Education. He continued, ‘the team at Strothoff International School has built a great school; we share their vision and look forward to working together and providing academic excellence and a creative and caring environment for students to learn and grow into confident individuals.’

Does Strothoff International School offer a bus shuttle service?
Yes, we offer a bus shuttle service for our students.
Do the students at Strothoff International School wear school uniform?
Yes, our students wear school uniforms. We are convinced that the students develop a sense of belonging through the school uniform.
Does Strothoff International School also accept students during a school year?
Yes, new students are welcome at Strothoff International School at any time during the school year. You can therefore register your child for the admission process at our school at any time.
How long does the application process usually take?
It usually takes about ten days to process an application. If necessary, individual requests can also be processed more quickly. However, it is possible that individual enrolment procedures take longer. This is the case, for example, when students need individual learning support.
Will my child be confused or hindered in their academic progress by bilingual education?
No. In fact, research has shown that learning in two languages favours academic progress and enhances the formation of cognitive skills. Immersion students not only end up bilingual, but also master the material of the regular curriculum taught in the foreign language. In addition, you will achieve a level of fluency in the immersion language that far exceeds that of students in any other form of language instruction.
How are the first days at a bilingual school? Is it frustrating for a child to attend a primary school where no one speaks their mother tongue for half of the day?
Through professionally designed and supportive lessons, the children are given a sense of security. After just a few days, your child will not even notice that the teacher speaks a different language. The immersive method places a lot of emphasis on facial expressions, gestures, and hand movements. With increasing receptive skills – i.e., reading and listening comprehension – the children gradually incorporate the second language into their everyday language use.
Are the children given homework?
No. As this is an all-day school, we do not want your children to bring home any extra work.

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